The Review section shows you all the vocabulary you have learned on Busuu.

When you see a flashcard in the course, that word or phrase will be added to your vocabulary list.

Depending on how well you answer exercises that practise this word or phrase, it will be assigned one of three strengths: weak, medium or strong. We then use an AI-powered algorithm to predict which words you need to practise. Memories fade over time and vocabulary learning is no different. You need to review vocabulary over time to get it into your long-term memory.

Our algorithm predicts which words need practice and weakens their strength so they are practised more frequently. This prediction is based on your performance and also what we know about the difficulty of the word.

As you practise the vocabulary it will stay strong for longer (and eventually forever once it is in your long-term memory).

If you want to practise certain words or phrases you can save them to your favourites. If you really don’t want to see a word or phrase listed in your vocabulary you can also delete it from the list.

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