At Busuu we are confident that our methodology helps people learn to speak a new language, but we wanted to prove this through an academic efficacy study led by City University of New York. The study showed:

  • 84% of participants made significant improvements after 8 weeks of study.
  • 100% of those who answered the exit survey said that they would continue to use Busuu after the study ended.
  • Participants gave Busuu an average net promoter score of +8.4.

With Busuu for Business, in addition to your employees having access to all of Busuu’s Premium content and features, businesses also have access to the Management Platform, Busuu’s admin and reporting tool where organizations can track their students’ or employees’ progress.

Busuu for Business gives organizations the ability to reallocate licences between users up to 3 times to meet organizational changes and maximise engagement and ROI.

In addition to Busuu’s Premium courses, Busuu for Business also includes access to our specialized Busuu Business English course with developed content covering key business scenarios such as meetings, project management etc.

Lastly, Busuu for Business offers organizations additional services such as our Customer Success Package and personalised onboarding flow. Please contact for more information.

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