These are some of the most important exercises in your course. They allow you to practice producing the language you are learning, rather than just understanding or recognising it. Each writing exercise has an instruction for you to write something related to the language you studied in the vocabulary and grammar units.

It may seem hard at first, but try to write in your course language as much as you can. Even if you can only think of a couple of words, write those down and take a guess at the others. Once you have run out of ideas, you can click on the hint section to see a model answer.

Try to write in your own words as much as possible, and try to write as much as possible – the native speakers in our community will correct your writing and give you suggestions on how to improve.

The best way to get good corrections is to become friends with as many native speakers as possible and ask them to correct your writing. You can find people to connect with in the Practice tab on the website.

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