Never forget what you’ve learned with our new Vocabulary Trainer. Available on our iOS and Android apps.


“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things” – Cicero

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus is famous for discovering the forgetting curve.

That is, over time, we forget what we’ve learned if we don’t practice it.


This, of course, also applies to your language learning: words fade from your memory if you don’t use them.

The good news is, he also discovered a phenomenon known as the spacing effect. Each time we review something we’ve learned, it sticks longer in our memory. After the 5th review, the forgetting curve approaches a horizontal asymptote: knowledge will stick for life.


At busuu, we’ve made it easier for you to review what you’ve learned so you never forget it.

All the vocabulary you have learned is now saved automatically in “My Vocabulary” in the “All” tab.

You can also bookmark your favourite vocabulary by starring it. It will then appear in your “Favourites” tab.

Use the Vocabulary Trainer to take a quiz on the words you have learned or starred.

Simply tap on the button at the bottom of the screen and it will generate a quiz which tests you on these words.

See the Vocabulary Trainer in action in the following video:




At busuu, we aim to enable you to become fluent in 10 minutes a day. We also know the key to fluency is repetition: there is no point learning anything if you forget it immediately.

Use our Vocabulary Trainer to help you remember and accelerate your language learning. On our side, we will keep on improving it over the coming months.

Download our iOS app or Android app and level up your language skills now!


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