busuu is designed to provide a complete self-study and language practice environment. busuu’s courses are developed by language experts with many years of classroom teaching experience who bring the best principles from communicative classroom teaching into their course design. busuu has a community of 60 million users who are learning languages and are looking to exchange knowledge and communicate with others to share their language, and improve their own language skills.

busuu is a self-study platform and there are no teachers; instead you learn from our self-study exercises and from other members of the community. Each course contains sets of lessons designed around a particular topic (for example: introducing yourself, describing your hometown, ordering food in a restaurant). The focus of each exercise within a lesson is to give you something new (usually a word or a phrase) that you can use immediately in writing or conversation.

Each lesson contains vocabulary and grammar exercises, followed by speaking and writing exercises to help you practice using the language you have learned. When you submit a writing or speaking exercise, you can choose up to 5 busuu friends to send this to or up to 5 native speakers of the language you are learning. We don't currently track the number of hours studied, but we're hoping to be able to provide more information about this soon. You'll also receive a progress email which will give you a weekly update of your activity.

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