To report a bug or technical issue in our website or apps, please provide us with the following information:

- The language you are learning, your interface language, the lesson/exercise title and the specific part of the app or website where you are experiencing problems

Also providing screenshots will help us to better understand the problem.

To send us a screenshot of the website, please press Ctrl+Prt Scr keys on Windows or + Shift + 3 on Mac capturing the URL of the affected page.

For mobile screenshots, depending on the type of device you would need to:

*Press the Power and Home buttons (Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Express);

*Press the Power and Home buttons, or the Power and Volume-Down buttons (HTC One);

*Press the Power and Volume Down buttons (Nexus 4 and Kindle Fire);

*Press and release the home and power button at the same time (iPhone/iPad).

Nearly every device that supports screenshots uses one of these methods.

Once you've taken your screenshots, please send them as attachments with your request, by submitting a request or emailing us directly to

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